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USA offers a transformative experience with diverse opportunities.

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UK provides a rich academic heritage and multi cultural experience.

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Canada provides access to top-tier education, breathtaking landscapes.

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Gaining a world-class education in Italy while immersing yourself under hub of opportunities.

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Germany combines academic excellence & a thriving research environment in the heart of Europe.

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Hungary offers an affordable education, secure environment and a central European experience.

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Offering excellent Job opportunities in Computing, IT Engineering Streams and in Hospitality sector.

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Standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower.

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We founded INDEX CAREER & EDUCATION ADVISORY SERVICE in 2008 with a sole objective of providing the best career advisory & education consultant services in Pakistan. Our ultimate goal is to counsel and assist you in your transition period and pave your way to a university that is academically top notch and the one which suits your desired location and is within your education budget. Consequently, A vast majority of students dream to study abroad, but they are confronted with an array of problems ranging from university selection to course selection and even a suitable economical destination. Therefore, We assure you to make this phase of your career a lot facile and the transition to practical life as smooth as possible.

Salman Khurshid

For instance, Our Education Consultant Services Includes

  • Career Counselling 
  • Course & University Selection 
  • Scholarships 
  • Submission & Application Handling 
  • Visa Interview Preparation 
  • Accommodation 
  • Pre Departure Briefing 
  • Education Consultant Services 

Our team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated education consultants helps students with all sorts of requirements. Thus, from documentation to the procedure, visa application, consultancy, preparation, and administration, we handle everything. Hence, we believe in customer satisfaction, loyalty, dedication, and uniqueness are our core values. As a result, we offer the best foreign education consultant services.

Our certified consultants always keep an eye on the top scholarships from all around the world. Similarly, we offer packages for deserving students that can change their life. With our one-stop education consultancy services, you can fulfill your dreams.

INDEX stands as a prominent and trusted organization in the field of Higher Education Consultancy due to several factor such as Professional Expertise, Sincere Advice & Excellent University Placements along Visa Approvals.

As on today, we have more than 55 Universities/Colleges/Schools on our panel with strong corporate ties with our partner education providers globally. That means variety of top ranked courses options (including Credit Transfers) available for students, faster application process and easy transition.

Index education consultancy firm have experienced study abroad consultants who are providing unique solutions for over ten years. Even more, with our dedicated services, students can pursue their dreams. A wide range of scholarships, accommodation facilities, and other services is our responsibility. To know about Why Index . +

Our Services

Career Counselling

INDEX provides a useful opportunity to evaluate the variables affecting their career growth.

Course & University Selection

Our counsellors help users pick a course that suits their interests.


INDEX assists people in locating merit-based scholarships.

Submission & Application Handling

INDEX gather all related documents as per university requirements for getting admissions.

Visa Interview Preparation

INDEX provides comprehensive visa preparation help to make sure that students are well-prepared.


Finding both on-campus and off-campus housing is made easier by INDEX.

Best Universities to Study

INDEX provides best Education Consultancy Services since 2005


1. How do your education consultants help?

It is as simple as anything can be. Contact us and set an appointment to get unique services. In addition, you can come up with your questions, demands, and requirements. As a result, our study abroad consultants will guide you through the way.

2. What kind of services does your team of consultants provide?

We offer a range of services students willing to study in abroad universities. Index.net.pk has a unique educational consultancy solution for students. Thus, from helping you choose a suitable career, to handling your documentation, visa application, and other requirements. Our qualified team of consultants analyzes and provides solutions that can help you shape your future.

3. Is the education consultancy based in Karachi only?

Yes, we have a team of education consultants in Karachi. However, we provide online services through our website. All you have to do is book an appointment, and we will get back to you at our earliest.

4. What are the consultancy charges?

The first visit is free for students. In addition, we will talk about all the general details of how, what, when, where, why, and who to your satisfaction level so you can make up your mind and tell us what exactly you are looking up for. After that, once you tell us your requirements, we will provide you with different packages according to the services for qualifying student visas.

5. Is Index consultancy only for students, or for immigrants also?

Above all, We mainly deal with student visas, documentation, accommodation, and providing jobs for their living and other things. However, our study abroad consultants can provide information regarding immigration and information about the whole procedure.

6. Do we offer services for a work visa? If yes, what are the charges, etc.?

As it is evident from the name, INDEX CAREER AND EDUCATION ADVISORY, In other words, we provide services related to career orientation, educational development, and bringing up the future to your level. Every service has its charges, and the packages are designed accordingly. All you need to do is to set an appointment and get the required services. Currently, we are offering services for students who want to go abroad on a study visa. However, we can provide information for work visa applications and the process of applying.

7. Why is it necessary for me to get an educational consultancy?

Educational consultancy is required for students who want to study abroad and to pursue their educational careers in foreign universities. In conclusion, our education consultants in Karachi help students in getting admission to international universities and handles visa policy as well as documentation.

Students Success Stories

  • Very helpful staff and offers the best education consultant services in Pakistan. Thus, they did what can be done in the minimum monetary resources.


  • Most cooperative, supportive and genuine. Moreover, A very down to earth and wonderful person and authentic consultancy services.


  • These guys are truly incredible. As i was unable to take ilets due to my lack of confidence but these guys help me to get admission to study abroad over my English profeciency certificate. Hats Off Guys!

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