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Study in Italy

Study in Italy is a country located in Southern Europe. It is the second largest destination in the world after the United States. It is recognized as the birthplace of Western culture, It is also one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. With beautiful places and pleasant surroundings, it enjoys tourist from all over the world. Italy’s economy is largely driven by its tourism industry. Although, it attracts people to go to Italy for tourism and to spend their holidays, it also inspires the international student to go for study.
It has a highly developed and industrial economy, high art and monuments can be found anywhere in the country. Italy is famous for its delicious cuisine, its fashion industry, luxury sports cars and motorcycles, various regional cultures and languages, as well as its beautiful beaches, alpine lakes and mountain ranges.

Italy has played a substantial role in European higher education. It is one of the first four countries to engage in the creation of the “European Area for Higher Education”. It is one of the 8 most industrialized countries in the world and has advanced in education and research and has provided new ways to gain experience.

  • Education in Italy is free.
  • Non-EU nationalities must apply for a student visa at least three months prior to expected date of arrival.
  • Post study work permit
  • After Work permit get permanent Residence

Universities in Italy

Universities list will be updated soon.

For updated  information, please call our expert counselor 03296777077

Study in Italy from Pakistan

The essential guide about universities and scholarships.

Students need an exceptional undergrad experience that permits them to cause companions from various foundations, investigate new societies, and see the world. There is no better spot to make this fantasy a reality than the global, memorable, world-renowned Italy. If you are looking for study in Italy consultants, highbrow is at your service. We offer services from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, six days a week (Monday to Thursday). You can contact us through email at apply@index.net.pk or talk to our experts at +92 329 6777077 or +92 333 2146067. We are here for you about any confusion, counselling, or information regarding study in Italy. We provide detailed information on study visas for Italy, and also Italy works visas for Pakistan if you want to go there for work.

Study in Italy requirements

Bachelor programs

  • Proof of completion of upper secondary studies
  • Valid school leaving certificate

Master programs

  • Relevant bachelor degree certificate

Ph.D. programs

  • Relevant masters degree certificate
  • Research proposal (not applicable for some universities)

Common requirements for all programs

  • Pakistani Passport (original and two copies)
  • Two photographs (you must sign one)
  • Academic transcripts
  • Entry tests (required for some universities)
  • Official score for SAT or ACT (for relevant subjects only)
  • Portfolios (for architecture, design, or urban planning programs)
  • Good CGPA (no minimum, vary according to universities)
  • A student visa
  • Application form
  • Recommendation letter (optional)
  • Personal statement
  • Authentic Certificate of no criminal record.
  • Financial capability proof.
  • Language proficiency proof;
    • To study in Italy in English, you can provide language proficiency proof using any of the following. None of it is required if your school or graduation University is certified in the English language.
      • IELTS – 5.5 for bachelors, 6.0 for Masters
      • TOEFL
      • PTE Academic
      • C1 advanced
    • Italian (B1 – you are eligible, C1 – you are exempted from taking the tests)
      • CILS
      • CELI
    • Certified Italian translation of your documents

Prepare yourself for IELTS: Study in Italy for international students

Study in Italy for Pakistani students is a fantastic opportunity since Pakistani students are free of many restrictions. You ought to show that you can sustain and finance yourself during the study. You must have at your disposal EUR 900 per month. Pakistani students would not have to show that they know English well enough to enroll at international universities in Italy or a medical examination before arrival. They would also not need to set up a restricted account.

Living costs in Italy

Generally, a student requires 1500-1800$ monthly to fulfill all living expenses. These estimates may vary around 300$ more or less, according to lifestyle.

  • Accommodation
    • Hall of residence (University hostels) – Not provided by all universities. These are a good option for students who are willing to study in Italy for free and are on a scholarship.
    • Private residence – 250-800$ per month
      • Alone: 500-800$
      • Rented apartment: 300-500$
      • Student accommodation: 300-450$
    • Property taxes – 30$
  • Utilities: 220$
  • Gasoline and vehicle maintenance (not necessary): 300$
  • Shopping: $150
  • Healthcare: 40$
  • Groceries: 250$
  • Transportation: $40 (vary depending on the distance from residence to university)
  • Miscellaneous: 100$

Study costs (Yearly)

  • Public universities: up to 6000$
  • Private universities: 4000$-41500$

Average study costs at some of the top-ranked universities per year:

  • The University of Bologna – 3550$
  • The University of Trento – 4800$
  • The Polytechnic University of Milan – 4700$

Scholarships in Italy

If you are interested in studying for free in the best Italian institutes, the following study in Italy scholarships for Pakistani students is for you. Apart from these, Italian universities offer around 250 scholarships for Pakistani and international students.

  • Sir Ratanji Dalal Research Scholarship
  • Keith And Dorothy Mackay Postgraduate Travelling Scholarships 2020
  • UNISA Scholarship Program For International Students
  • TOPoliTO scholarship
  • Banting International Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Marche University Scholarships In Biomedical Engineering -Ingegneria Biomedica
  • CEI Fellowship For Writers In Residence
  • Mobility Seeker Outdoor Sports Scholarship

Visa information

Students can apply for two types of study visas, depending on their duration of stay in Italy. You have to apply for a study visa for at least three months before you arrive in Italy.

  1. Type C – for less than 90 days
  2. Type D – for more than 90 days

Italy study visa requirements for Pakistani student

These are the Italy student visa requirements for Pakistani students

  • Visa application form
  • Passport-size photographs (3 at least)
  • Proof of arranged accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Paid 200$ health insurance for the first year of a study program
  • Acceptance letter from the university
  • Bank statement (financial independence proof)
  • Valid passport with blank visa pages
  • Visa application fee receipt
  • Copy of flight itinerary
  • You must not have a previous criminal record
  • You must have access to entry in Italy (Valid travel document)
  • University Fee payment proof (if you are already admitted)

Work opportunities

Students can work part-time during their study in Italy, 2020, with an allowance of 20 hours per week. International students will have to register for a work visa at the central immigration department in Italy. However, you must first have a valid work contract and submit a copy to the immigration department. The requirements for a work permit include:

  1. Passport copy
  2. Health insurance copy
  3. Italian national student visa
  4. Four recent photographs (passport-size)

Top programs



Industrial design Agriculture & Forestry
Medicine Applied Sciences
Economics Arts, Design & Architecture
Arts Business & Management
Architecture Engineering & Technology

Biomedical sciences



Top universities in Italy

The University of Milan University of Padova University of Torino
Sapienza University DE Roma Politecnico DI Milano University of Genova
University of Pisa Ca’ Foscari University of Venice European School of Economics
Milano Fashion Institute Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Study in Italy for free at the University of Bozen-Bolzano

Top opportunities for free study in Italy

Opportunities provided

There is no tuition fee required to study in Italy. Even, IELTS tests are not the requirement for it. The accommodation is also free for the students and a 100% scholarship is also available for the ones that are eligible for it. You can meet them at their offices in meridian overseas.

How to study in Italy for free

For studying free in Italy first you have to get admission there is a university which is offering scholarships and full-time free accommodation for the students. Then the next step is to make your resume competitive enough that they will give you the student visa and all other services free of cost. Italy’s education system and institutes are world-leading systems which are quite in favour of students. Italy is the best place to study free of cost and get a degree that is worthy enough. By choosing Italy you have chosen the best country regarding the free study plan. Furthermore, some universities of Italy are also offering different research and Ph.D. programs to the students and offer them further study scholarships in international universities of the world.

You have accommodation, billing, study and country travelling free of cost and all your expenses are fulfilled by the university itself.

These top opportunities for free study in Italy cannot be missed at all. So don’t waste your time and apply right away if you want to get a degree from a worthy place with no expenses.

Student life

Academics prioritize social activities at Italian universities; however, it is always good to enjoy student life. And during weekdays, many students travel to city centers for a fun evening. Italians are considered to be accessible, friendly people. You’re going to find local friends easily. And they’re going to show you that dining out and loving high-quality, nutritious food is essential to the ideal life for any Italian. Cultural gatherings vary from typical neighbourhood celebrations to big international sporting competitions. Italian nightlife is often lively, particularly in the capital. In summer, the bulk of people are headed for the sea or the countryside.

Study in Italy for Pakistani students

Italy is a beautiful country which is located in Southern Europe. After the United States of America, it is the second-largest tourist destination in the world. Italy is one of the largest UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. As much as it attracts tourists to itself because of its culture and beauty, it attracts students from all around the world for study too. Many people around the globe including Pakistanis want to go to Italy and study there. Italy has advanced in education and research over the years. It offers many degree programs for bachelor’s, masters and Ph.D.

There are certain requirements that are supposed to be met by the candidates who want to study abroad in Italy. Highbrow has published some requirements for Pakistani students to study in Italy which are as follows :

  • For bachelor’s, masters and PH.D. programs, you will have to provide proof of completion of the previous degrees
  • You will need to provide all of your personal documents that identify you before you apply for the programs. Common requirements for all programs are :
    • A Pakistani passport (original and two copies).
    • Two photographs of yours, one must be signed.
    • Previous academic transcripts.
    • You will have to appear in the entrance tests which are required for some universities.
    • Your official score of SAT and ACT.
    • You must have an excellent CGPA.
    • You will need a student visa.
    • You will need an Application form.
    • Getting a recommendation letter is optional but it is better to have it.
    • Personal statement.
    • If you are getting enrolled in a program that is taught in English then you will need to provide your scores of Language Proficiency such as IELTS and TOEFL and etc.

If you have all of the above, you are ready to give it a shot! Furthermore, you can also find other studying opportunities in Europe.


How much students earn in Italy?

The work permission to a student in Italy is limited to 4 hours per day according to the law of Italy. A student can earn about 500 to 1000 euros and is hired as an internee.

Is education free for international students in Italy?

It depends on which behalf a student is going to Italy. If the student has availed a higher studies scholarship then the tuition is free of cost for international students.

Which course is best in Italy?

Some of the courses which you should opt for if you have decided to study in Italy are science, hospitality, humanities, technology, Arts


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