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Study in Dubai

The DUBAI is one of the perfect destinations for any international students that are currently in the search of unique and great study experience. The Ministry of Higher Education runs the higher education system of the DUBAI. This authority and their education consultants are responsible for the admissions of students and other accrediting degree programs.

There are several institutes that facilitate the students for studies in abroad universities like Dubai and offer quality education along with the reasonable tuition rates. This thing brings increment in international student satisfaction in the world. Most of the universities in Dubai provide education Consultancy and this is a great facility for the students. The students can consult with them before applying for any program. In this way, they can make a better decision.

The Cost of Study in DUBAI 

There is a great list of universities in the DUBAI whose fees vary from one another. The cost of study in DUBAI depends upon the course which the student chooses to study. On an average level, students expect to pay 48,000 AED for the Maters program and 120,000 AED for some specialized graduate degree programs. Other than that, students can also apply for a scholarship to get admission in Dubai.  The scholarship schemes also vary from one institute to another. 

Students can take guidance from Educational consultants. Students who are looking for educational studies in DUBAI have to consider living expenses.

If the students take a private rented apartment, then they have to pay around 3700 AED per month along with other utility expenses of 440 AED. If they live in a bigger city like Dubai than they have to bear a high level of expense.

Similarly, This thing brings ease of Accommodation for international students in DUBAI. In addition to that, it is compulsory for all international students to have valid health insurance in order to stay in the DUBAI.

This is the most common thing in the University of Dubai to offer health insurance to international students once they arrive in the country. The medical examination includes the tests for HIV, hepatitis and many other things. All these things are a few of the great reasons to study in DUBAI.

Well-Known Universities in Dubai

There is a list of universities in DUBAI that offer a variety of courses. The education for Foreign students in DUBAI proves beneficial when they get quality education and this condition fulfill by the institutes of DUBAI with help of education consultants. All these institutes for studies in DUBAI provide good content and quality education. The students learn a lot of things and grooms their personalities.

Moreover, there are two main centers to study in DUBAI that hold several top universities in Dubai. These two centers are Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City. These centers include a good mix of high schools and colleges. There are also the many individual University of Dubai that spread all around.

In other words, These universities provide a great range of courses under one roof if you take help for the subjects with the education consultants. There is a list of universities in DUBAIthat is offering a great variety of courses along with reasonable rates and all these universities have written are as under

  • Modul University in Dubai
  • University of Dubai
  • Murdoch University Dubai
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Hult International Business School

Student Visa

The students who want to study at the University of Dubai have to apply for a student visa. There are some rules and procedures for Foreign Students in DUBAI to apply for a visa. If the student wants to get a visa, he usually needs the sponsorship by a resident of the country.

There are many universities that offer this service and students avail them in order to get an educational visa in DUBAI. The process application happens in an online way, but the students have to be aware because the sponsorship does not guarantee the visa.

Therefore, The application cost falls in the range of about 3000 AED. When the students applying for their visa, they need several things. These things include a valid passport, tenancy agreement, 12 passport images, and many other things.  

Accommodation Cost In Dubai

After that, our arrival in Dubai, one must finalize about accommodation plan in advance. Most of the educational outlets are offering packages for accommodation. In last, You can ask these things in detail through the education consultants.


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