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Index career and education consultant services is a group of dedicated, trained and skilled counselors working together to assist you in extracting your passion and guiding you through to the best possible education routes and connecting its students with the top-notch educational institutes around the globe. Our advisors are also well versed in providing documentation and visa guidance to our customers according to the respective requirements.


INDEX provides a useful opportunity to evaluate the variables affecting their career growth. Through the site, users have access to experienced and sympathetic career and education counsellors who can answer questions and offer direction. Individuals can receive personalised assistance and answers for their studies and career-related problems by interacting with INDEX. The platform aids users in exploring their interests and finding a path to a successful profession, in addition to assisting students.


INDEX is aware of the importance of selecting the appropriate major and course, which can be a difficult process given the abundance of possibilities accessible. The platform’s knowledgeable counsellors do extensive research to help users pick a course that suits their interests. They give detailed explanations of the options for single- or dual-major courses, co-op programmes, and degrees that offer paid or unpaid internships at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We will assist you in submitting applications to several universities so that your goals of studying abroad are not constrained.


Financial limitations frequently put a stop to people’s aspirations to study abroad and widen their scope of opportunity, but INDEX education consultancy services are aware of this. In order to remedy this, we provides the knowledge of international education advisors who may assist people in locating merit-based scholarships. Even those with limited financial resources have the chance to demonstrate their skills on a global stage thanks to these scholarships.


The application process when filling the form and providing the required documents can be quite stressful and to alleviate this burden our experience team at INDEX are here to save you. While keeping you well aware of all the documentation work so you don’t face any inconvenience.


The visa interview is a crucial and stressful stage for students who want to pursue an international education. People can, however, relax knowing that the visa process is easy and hassle-free thanks to INDEX’s international education consulting services. When necessary, the platform provides comprehensive visa preparation help to make sure that students are well-prepared.


For students studying abroad, finding accommodation is a key step after receiving an admissions letter. Finding both on-campus and off-campus housing is made easier by INDEX. International students are frequently housed at public colleges on a first-come, first-served basis, necessitating the filing of an application prior to the deadline.

In order to find acceptable housing, students can rely on INDEX for advice and instructions. The provision of accommodations in accordance with the needs and preferences of the student, whether on campus or in close proximity to the institution, is the duty of INDEX.


When a person is prepared to start their study abroad journey and all the necessary procedures have been completed, INDEX consultant services still provide assistance. The staff members give a thorough breakdown of the procedures to be followed after arriving at the location. To ensure a hassle-free existence in the new place, they provide assistance with chores like registering at the immigration office, enrolling with local medical authorities, and creating a bank account.

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