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Study in Canada

Study in Canadian Universities

Canada is an exceptional country for Pakistanis. People wish to study in Canada as they like it for being a perfect destination for education abroad. It is the second-largest country on the world map.

How To Access Educational Visa In Canada?

For instance, one may apply for a Canadian student visa to study in Canada. Once you access the permit and start studying over there, you may keep on renewing the permit to elongate your stay.

Steps For Getting Canadian Study Permit

1: Sign a letter of acceptance from HEC

2: Apply for education in specific universities in Canada in an online way.

3: If the application proves and you are eligible for the Canada study visa for Pakistanis, then carry on the process of admission further. 

4: Complete the documentation process and clear the interview if it comes to you for study in Canada

Criteria For Foreigner Students For Canadian Visa

After that, clearing the online application doings for foreign students in Canada, they are supposed to justify some further tests to provide substantiation of their validity for Canada student visa. Thus, It can be accessed by applying for Canada students visas for Pakistanis and for universities in Canada.  

Steps to Follow:

  • Biometric: 

The Canadian government is conscious about the biometric authentication of the person via photographs plus fingerprints as Canada student visa requirements.

  • Financial requirement: 

This is a proof of funds to support you while going overseas. Other than that, living costs clearance is mandatory for a year at least needs to be OK. If you are taking your family along, then you have to defend the bank statement to fulfill their needs for Canada student visa requirements.

  • English and French proficiency: 

One needs to have authority in English and French, both written and spoken. To clarify, This can further be ensured by clearing eligibility tests such as IELTS, TOFEL, iBL, PTE, or any other as per the needs of the relevant educational visa in Canada. 

  • Character clearance: 

This will prove you are a clear track record of police and other security concerned departments. 

Cost Of Study In Canada

However, the cost of study in Canada depends upon the university where you are going to study in Canada. But still, the approximate cost is CAD 30,800 for two years. Living cost is in addition to the educational expenses, it might include groceries, eating, bills, transportation, and medical expenses.

Accommodation Cost In Canada?

Similarly, before arrival in Canada, one must finalize about accommodation plan in advance. Most of the educational outlets are offering packages for housing. Hence, they are offering many kinds of accommodations for international students who have a Canada student visa.

 They are:

  • Dormitories and townhouses: To clarify, they are comprised of four to six bedrooms with a single lounge. It may contain kitchen, bathrooms, and lawn, which are to be shared by all. 
  • Off-campus apartments: they offer single rooms with standardized privacy. Thus, It’s ideal but an expensive one.
  • Host family: one may live as paying guests with any relative family; otherwise, Canadian families also propose homestay that is paid for sure.
  • Rental apartments: Students can plan and share rental apartments by keeping in view their budget and other characteristic traits while deciding. 
  • Halls: they are recreational spots but also modern accommodation at a stumpy fee. 

Benefits Of Studying In Canada?

Meanwhile, Students prefer to study in Canada for innumerable reasons. But still, we find out insecurities then we need to review the benefits of the Canada student visa for Pakistanis. Hence, Let’s discuss the reasons to study in Canada which are as follows:

Advanced quality education: 

  • Moreover, Canada is offering a high quality of education. Similarly, It gives benefits in the long term in a career with a study visa in Canada.

Internationally recognized:  

  • it has globally recognized intellectual departments. It gives valuable authenticity to students to work out. Thus, there are 98 universities in Canada, and most of them are featured in the top 50 of the world’s. 

Choice of Subjects: 

  • Almost all of the 98 universities in Canada are offering more than a plethora of subject disciplines to study both in the arts and science fields. Therefore, they have a broad spectrum of courses and sub-courses. 


  • Universities in Canada allow part-time jobs while studying. Thus, the cost of living is also low there, so you may continue doing savings too. 

Career prospects: 

In conclusion, Studying in Canada also gives you a level of career opportunities and you can secure the future. 

Above all, Canada is the land of peaceful and contented people. No doubt, one may get lost in the green fields, snowy mountains, slippery glaciers, biggest waterfalls, and frozen lakes. 

Furthermore, If you are one of those who seek a high quality of life above anything else, Canada is the place for you. Thus, It has been consistently ranked by the UN as the number one country in the world to live in. Having a large Asian Diaspora of students, Canada offers a truly international educational experience.

Moreover, the Canadian degree or diploma is instantly recognized around the world as being of the highest standard. And you get all this at a remarkably low cost…..both in terms of cost of education and the cost of living. Tuition fees for international students in Canada are much lower than in comparable countries.

For instance, With over 90 universities and 150 colleges and technical institutes, featuring virtually every program imaginable, Canada may just be the place of your dreams.

  • Study in Toronto, Canada
  • Study in Montreal, Canada
  • Study in Calgary, Canada
  • Study in Ottawa, Canada
  • Study in Mississauga, Canada
  • Study in Winnipeg, Canada
  • Study in Hamilton, Canada


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